Frequently Asked Questions
+1. Is this a one-time fee?

When you purchase Crealesson, you pay a one-time fee to permanently own the version of the application you purchased. Updates are included in the license price.

+2. Can I install on two computers?

Your single license is licensed to your Computer User Name, Hence can be installed on multiple computers of your own - ie , You should rename your PC User name with exactly same name.

+3. Minimum System Requirements?
  • Windows8 or Windows10 x64 (64 bit).
  • 8GB Minimum memory.
  • 64GB minimum main hardDrive. (SSD Preffered)
  • A working mouse and keyboard is necessary.
  • (Optional) A Good Microphone. and a Pop Filter (Blue Yeti Microphone is Preffered.)
  • (Optional) A Web Camera.
+4. What is Crealesson as used for?
  • Draw On Screen as a Telestrator Software.(Multi Monitor Systems Supported)
  • Create Online Video Lessons without any additional software.
  • Create Presentations (Supports Multi Slides in a crea File.You Can Export Slides as PDF Files).
  • Show Keyboard & Mouse Combinations On Screen modern customizable themes.
+5. Which fields Crealesson has most scopes?
  • You can create Digital Lesson Sessions as Videos or PDF. All In One App to produce video lessons
  • While using Crealesson, you can share your screen or Recorded Video Lesson via Zoom App.
  • You can help your students develop by collecting the answers to your questions and their explanations with a video camera and microphone on the Crealesson platform.
  • Mind Mapping, UX / UI Design.
  • If you are teaching a CAD application or some app needs used mostly with shortcuts.
  • Your Students / children can use as multipage unlimited colored painting app.
  • You can use as an Art Reference On Screen Display App (eg. Pureref). All your reference images in one place right on your screen while using a modeling or drawing app. via Ghost Mode (Ctrl+G Hotkey)
+6. What are the highlights of Crealesson?
  • When Teaching with Crealesson, you will get the smell of Old school classroom.
  • You can create Digital Lesson Sessions as Videos even PDFs. All In One App to produce video lessons.
  • Can Show Teacher Face Via Camera as a Mirror effect. So your students observes your face at the same time what you teach.
  • Even if you need a good microphone; Crealesson can clean your voice with 2 methods of noise reduction option.
  • Even if you need a good microphone; Crealesson can clean your voice with 2 methods of noise reduction option.
+7. Can teachers and students use Crealesson for free?

Crealesson Freemium is for personal, teachers and students use only. Teachers are not required to purchase a PRO license. All version has similar functionalities. However, when you Create Video Lessons a semi transparent Crealesson watermark will appear in videos and PDFs. For More Details Click Features...

+8. Does Crealesson support a tablet/pen/touchscreen devices?

Currenly supports any kind of mouses, not supports for tablets or ipad. Some of customers uses "Windows Surface Pro" but Currently did not tested yet.

Therefore, Current version not supports dynamic pen pressure yet. Planning to buy a tablet to make tablet dynamic pen pressure available. (Note that: you can resize brushes or objects using keypad + / - plus minus keystrokes. or 1..9 numerics)

+9. Which Operating Systems Supported?

Windows 8 x64(64bit), Windows 10 x64(64bit) (for x86 Windows Operating Systems You may contact us.

+10. Will Crealesson Support Mac OS or Ipad?

We have no plans further to build for other Platforms except Windows Operating Systems.

+11. Crealesson in my own Language?

Currently Crealesson User Interface is localized most common spoken 16 languages. (arabic, bengali, chinese, dutch, english, french, german, hindi, italian, japanese, korean, portuguese, russian, spanish, turkish, vietnam).Planning to add 60 more.