Restoring Panel
When you press F1, the program switches to presentation mode and hides in the taskbar. You can exit the Presentation mode by pressing the F1 key again and access the panel from the taskbar.
Easily Focus or Scroll on Page
If you are in Presentation mode with F1 Shortcut, you can zoom in and out on the blackboard by dragging the Mouse Wheel up and down, and drag the screen while holding down the Right mouse button.
Undo / Redo
Did you make a mistake while lecturing? No problem with BACKSPACE keystroke you can UNDO; With Ctrl+Y you can REDO.(or Ctrl + Shift + Z).
With or Without Menu
In order not to distract yourself or your students while lecturing, almost all operations have shortcuts. You can also access it from the menu with Right Click.
Next /Prior Slide
With the Page up / Page Down keys, you can move to the next blank presentation page without deleting the existing one. If the zoom is 100%, you can also switch between presentation pages with the right mouse drag.
Changing Background Color
You can choose retro style backgrounds. You can also choose solid colors with the shortcuts Ctrl + Shift (B, G, U, W).
Resizing Chalk/Pen/Eraser
You can change the pen, eraser or object size with shortcuts up to 1..9. (You can also change the brush or object size with Numpad + -.)
Resize Anything
You can also scale with 1..9 or NUMPAD +/- keys, regardless of whether you selected the image or the object.
Using Color Palettes
You can choose a color from Chalkboard. There is no limit in colors. You can access many color palettes by right clicking on the color picker window.
Haze Focus Functionality
In presentation mode, you can use the haze focus feature on the screen with H shortcut. You can undo the process with the BACKSPACE shortcut.
Multi Crop, insert into slide
Go in Presentation Mode with F1 shortcut. Crop the regions. So they will be saved into desktop. Press DEL to clear Board. Press .(dot) to insert Graphics. Navitage to Desktop Path.
Easy Video Recording
No extra application is required to record video lessons. You can start video recording by double clicking the blackboard. You can pause it by double clicking and continue recording the video by double clicking it. You can access these operations from the circular menu with the right mouse button. Your video lesson will be ready on your desktop when you exit the presentation mode.